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Knityourbita Remember-Pearl-Harbor-Pearl-Harder sew-for-victory-wwii-poster_1_1024x1024

Pinterest is like a crazy breeding ground of non attributed images online.  It’s taking over Google image results.

It gives good posters.


matryoshka plan

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I have a blank wooden matryshka in my craft cupboard.  This is the plan I came up with long ago…doodles405


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Image (16)I knit, did you know?  I have a whole bag of scarves and such, because scarves is what every new knitter and every now and again knitter knits.  At least they are the thing when there are no other plans.  And since every new and now and again knitter knits scarves, they are well nigh impossible to sell – that is what I have found.  I am thinking of lashing them all together and making a big stripey blanket.  In the meantime, I will take pictures of them and use them as hair texture.  Cool, huh?

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