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drawing characters

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Jack&Will001 Crisco004

I’m starting to get reacquainted with some characters.  While considering the finished chapters I already have I went back through Unlikely Bedfellows.  It has not suffered from being drawn a couple years ago (not like the very beginning of Levi Levi which I find very clunky and awkward looking).  But, the pic on the left isn’t the final incarnation of Will and Jack from UB.

Aaaand…color makes me happier with this sketch of Crisco.

Cat love

Cat love published on 2 Comments on Cat love

CriscoCatCrisco likes the camera, but sometimes gets too close.  He was too lazy to investigate this time and I ended up with a cover for Cat Fanciers magazine or something.  Isn’t he handsome?

I have tried to keep the cat love to a minimum, maybe in some vain attempt to resist the librarian trend.  Seriously, everyone (bold generalized statement) in my library is obsessed with cats.  Want a topic to break the ice at a staff party:  Cats.  But who am I kidding?  Why am I resisting?

I have the coolest cats ever!


Crisco published on 1 Comment on Crisco

the amazing re-sizable kitty.  which if you eat enough of, you will not be re-sizable, you will be very large.  Crisco that is.  don’t eat it straight.  that’s not what I meant.  and don’t eat my cat either.  that’s not what I meant.

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