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Etsy Indie Comics Haul #2

Etsy Indie Comics Haul #2 published on No Comments on Etsy Indie Comics Haul #2

The first trip was such a success I had to go buy more and then I had to take a really long time to write about all of it.  And here is what I got:

Kay and P 00 & 01– Starts the story of Kay – music student and P, her skeleton ?ghost? friend.  The story is painted really completely with great detail and a nice way of coloring the background to be a little lighter – accentuating the forward action.

Terka – fabulously conceived world of monsters.  I like the city gate and museum settings.  The line work is clean, stark and wonderful black and white.

Carnival – is an anthology of short comics about going or being in the carnival.  It’s amazing how differently a group of artists can treat a theme.  The variety of story alone is fascinating and all of them well done little scenes.

Southpaw – I love the drawings and the style.  This is a fabulous little zine.  Mostly art zine/sketchbook style with a few comic sequences.

Breathers – What can I say?  The whole idea of a semi apocalyptic future where everyone has to have breathing apparatuses when they are outside and yet everything is still normal is great.  I wanna keep reading.  I’ll have to get the next book.

Red Planet Ride #2 – Just as fabulous and beautiful as Red Planet Ride #1.  I had to get it.  So, this wasn’t really so untried a purchase.

The Bad-Ass Habit – Nuns, all girls boarding schools, arrows and bear traps.  What more could a girl want?  And that’s not even spoiling this delightful and stark fairy tale.

Emiko superstar – The dull to fabulous summer story that everyone wishes they had with a healthy bit of apprehension.  At least me – totally a story that draws you in and makes you feel part of it.

The Cauldron in the Back Cabinet – Kinetic drawing and excellently rendered gloom and dark autumn days.  I love the mystery and the reveal.

Charles & Renfield – Beautiful little mini comic by Kiki Jones.  I like the story book style.

Fish Food – little vignettes by Ashley Quigg are like beginningless and endless dream scenes.  There is a new twist on every page, and yet they all flow together.

Umbra – Wordless and wonderful.  The pictures almost look as though they could be woodblock.  Dreamy story line.

Mephistos – The art work is sketchy and spare.  The page compositions are genius in a ‘hey this is so pleasing to follow/read/look-at I didn’t even notice why’ kind of way.  I really wished the story had gotten further before the issue ended.  I guess that’s how I’m going to get the next one.

Oleander and Mint

Oleander and Mint published on No Comments on Oleander and Mint

Back in my first Indie Comics Etsy haul I also ordered Oleander & Mint.  I had gone out in search of this after meeting the writer through my husband, and it deserves a post separate from the haul.

It reminds me of Faulkner, or more specifically of As I lay Dying.  It is filled with beautiful desolate characters and an almost stream of consciousness narrative, and contrasted with lovely, graphic, and stylized illustrations.  I very heartily recommend it.

The web site is fabulous as well.  It will tempt you into spending oodles of time there.  Buy the book at the Oleander & Mint Etsy Shop.

Indie comic Etsy haul #1

Indie comic Etsy haul #1 published on 2 Comments on Indie comic Etsy haul #1

The Filigree – Martin Øbakke and Celena Cavala create this fabulous fairy newspaper complete with advertisements, classifieds, and photographs.  And, as far as I can tell, all the photographs for the stories are of characters they have created in doll form.  Do I have to say this is a fabulous idea? and it is fabulously pulled off.

Stone Monkey and Red Planet Ride by Jim Round – These are plane old adorable, and polished and full of color.  The environments created within are amazing.

Ghosts of Pineville from CricketPress –  I never lived in a place with a haunted house or a ghost story, but I’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies set in towns that did.  It’s kind of like the quintessential American mystery and that is probably why the Ghosts of Pineville felt so nostalgic.  This is good stuff.  Good stuff.

All of Them Witches by Patt Kelley –  Tiny short stories and vignettes with a surreal fluid and pointy style.

Grickle things The Hiddenwait…NOT an Etsy purchase, but I must include it in the haul because it’s fabulous and was part of the same shopping spree.  Sorry Etsy.  This is an adorable story by Graham Annable.

Flesh and Bone – Julia Gfrörer put together this beautiful, painful lump of bound paper and story.  Her details and the plethora of line and movement only emphasize a fantastical and tragic story.

Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop

Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop published on No Comments on Announcing: the revival of the Etsy shop

Ok, its been a long time coming but I have finally invested some time in my Etsy store once again. No telling if I'll be more successful than I was before, but I do have a stock to liquidate and it won't get sold if it's just sitting in my closet.

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