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I wouldn’t try riding in a strapless top

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Flip Side comic update

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Flip Side pg 38 | The LeEMS Bean.

I know I know

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I have let the comics updates slide again.  I promise new pages of Flip Side and Levi Levi are coming.  I was having troubles drawing anything coherent and it’s tough when you are trying to wrap up a couple of stories so you can move on to the next one.  So, this weekend I distracted myself by doing some minor redesigns on my website.  You might notice it even.

Email from my sofa

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So…remember when I said I’d be updating all my comics (that’s three + the drawing board, so four technically) once a week?  I suppose you noticed that I failed big time on that goal this month.  I have been away from my sofa, the place where I do all my drawings, sitting cross legged with a stack of sketchbooks on my lap and NCIS playing on the TV.  Instead, I have been spreading the good message of longer resource sharing due dates.  And yeah, I know that makes no sense to people not in the business.  But I gave 1/3 of a presentation at an international conference!  I manned poster session at another conference!  I made great improvements to my resume!  I’ve been traveling way too much!

But enough excuses!  This past weekend I was able to spend some quality time with my sofa.  I have finished the first chapter of No Evil.  I will scan this and get it running here for your pleasure and then I will concoct the next chapter with the story telling help of doomedmoviethon Richard.  I have made great headway on the story of Ramone, Joy, and Gee (that’s Flip Side to you) as well as Levi Levi (which is also winding up a chapter).  They will be back in force.  And I finished a sketchbook.  That means that I’ve got a whole bunch of newly scanned artwork just dying to worm it’s way into your eyeballs.  Are you ready for all of this?  Well?

About the comics

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Hey, hello, hi.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to remember that I have comics and that three four of them are actually ongoing at the moment.  You can catch them all at the comic launch–including the one or two that are in conception stages.  Levi Levi is my forever going to be ongoing comic until I stop comic, and I have some some big plans for Flip Side and No Evil.  They all have feeds over in the right hand menu, too, if you’re into feeds and stuff.  I know I am.  I’ve got a truck load of comic feeds going to my reader, and sometime soon I’ll talk about all the webcomic goodness I have found out there that other talented, better comickers are doing.  Right now it’s about me.  ALL ABOUT ME!  Comics:

Flip Side pg 3

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Flip Side pg 2

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Flip Side pg 1

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More More More

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Alright kiddies.  I had an epiphany–I greatly dislike manual upkeep on an rss feed, which is what I was doing for Levi Levi ever since I took it off of it’s old blog platform years ago.  Combine that with the guilt I’ve been feeling about not regularly updating the Bean and voila! — a new website for my projects means a new life for the Bean.  While there will still be some consumption commentary, the Bean will be more about production.

I mean, it only makes sense yeah?  The Bean is my bean, and since I’ve been more into making things than taking things it should be too.

This is my idea:  this fancy new blogging platform makes it easy to offer multiple feeds out of one blog.  Sooooooo, the Bean will make my comic feeds for me.  So far, I’ve listed the currently production ready comics as their own ‘subscribe to’ links over on the right.  Updates on the Bean will happen before updates to the comic pages themselves–but the pages won’t be too far behind.

I love feeds, they’re awesome!

This new roll-out comes complete with a little more of comics that I’d only touched on in my previous web site release.   Well, those pages are expanded now too, as I’ve just updated the web site again.    No Evil and Flip Side are underway, along with upcoming pages for Levi Levi.  Soon to follow is Left Overs.


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