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Someone is talking about endometriosis

Someone is talking about endometriosis published on No Comments on Someone is talking about endometriosis

It’s been almost ten years since I was handed my diagnosis of endometriosis.  It felt fake and half hearted, a ‘your symptoms match, regardless of anomalies, so here you go’ type of right-off after years, and many different doctors, worth of investigation.  The solutions to living with it were even less acceptable in my view, but I went along with them for a while until it came time to go back to the doctor to renew my prescription.  It’s something I live with; something my husband lives with along side of me.  It is something that only women who know the other has it too ever talk about.

That warm kind of connection, the ‘you know about this too,’ is what I felt when writers on the Conversation started posting about it:

If I haven’t meantioned the Conversation before, then I have been lax.  It is a group blog of academics commenting on current events and it is quickly replacing my news and popular culture consumption.

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