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Newly for sale!

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Available now in my Etsy shop are my witches trading cards. Each of the 42 cards features the portrait of an accused or admitted witch or witch collaborator. Card backs feature biographical information and trivia.

Also newly available in my Etsy shop is Levi Levi and the Time Machine, the second chapter of Levi Levi.

Comic posting!

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Levi Levi Chapter 3: Epic Problems at APPIC is posting! …every Thursday. I know it’s been a while, but the story of Levi’s adventures at the Amateur and Professional Private Investigator’s Conference is about to unfold.

Also starting up again are random comics on the Drawing board.  They will be posting intermittently on Tuesdays and have all sorts of sarcastic commentary on libraries and copyright, fooling around by Carmine and Vinny, and bits and blurbs from movies, songs, and books.

On Levi’s couch

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When will Levi Levi return?

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He’s thinking about it right now…

Rock and Rule glam Levi

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rock and rule wikipedia:


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Annie009 Annie008

Alliester and MacCallister

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 Allow me to introduce you to Aliester Bean and Sean McAllister of the Aliester & McAllister detective agency.  You may have recognized them from the movie advertizement on Levi’s conference brochure.  They are a little more attracted to money and fame than you would expect from private investigators.  Through elbow rubbing and persistence, they landed their own movie and an amount of popularity that makes them immediately unpopular with most other private detectives.  You’ll see more of them in Levi Levi Chapter 3:  epic problems at APPIC.


Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back published on 2 Comments on Levi Levi is at a conference, he’ll return your messages when he gets back

detectivesconferencebrochure1 detectivesconferencebrochure2

And lest you think all those conference sessions were just ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,’ and ‘because detective-story-nerds:’

Key Note:  “The Evolution and Unending Applicability of Private Investigation”
Key Note Speakers:  Aleister Bean and Sean McCallister from the Aleister McCallister Detective Agency and stars of the new movie A Million Ways to Kill Your Lover, opening Thursday and followed by a pre-conference cocktail hour.
*Social Night on Friday sponsored by Blue Moon Detective Agency and Hart Industries

Jessica Fletcher -“How to Survive Becoming the Victim in Your Investigation”
Not all investigations can be conducted without coming under the scrutiny of the very person you are investigating.  This scrutiny, obvious or not, can interfere with your investigation and create a danger to you.  In this session, learn methods of assessing your position in your own investigation and minimizing personal risk without giving up your footing on a case.

D.C.I. Barnaby -“How to Solve the Case with Critical Thinking and Delegation”
Learn how to apply efficiency of action to your detective work and maximize the use of all resources and staff in order to minimize personal stresses and reach a timely conclusion.

Harry Dresden -“Using Unconventional Methods While Working with Diverse Cultures and Interests”
Learn how to adopt new and unconventional methods to succeed when dealing with challenging and unconventional clients and partners.  How flexibility and continued professional development will save your skin in a scrape.

Hetty Wainthropp -“Retirement, Family, and Business:  balancing the demands of the female investigator”
Private investigating as a woman comes with unique obstacles and challenges.  Examine what the cases of successful female investigators, like Phryne Fisher, Ms. Marple and Sally Lockheart, can teach us about managing life’s pressures while solving our cases.

Jonathan Quayle Higgins III -“Managing the Private Investigator in Exotic Locales”
Private investigators must be self sufficient, self starters.  The nature of the work eschews reliable communication and location. Yet they must be managed like any other employee, are prone to the same amounts of distraction, and subject to increased levels of danger specific to the environment and culture.  Learn tips on managing investigators with focus on exotic locations.

J. Constantine -“Dangerous Partnerships for Ultimate Ends”
Cultivating and tending relationships with dangerous people in order to build a network that will help you out of any jam.

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Oh hey, site updates

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I almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I gave theLeEMSmachine a bit of a facelift.  A new, click-able, front page directs to some new landing pages for my biggest projects of the moment.  Levi Levi and No Evil both have character galleries that I will continue to fill out.


Happy Valentines Day!

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Announcing a return

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Yo duders.  I know Levi Levi and I have been well nigh silent for a long time, but October approaches now and it is always my month of prolific posting.  This year will be no different.  Keep your eyes peeled for a special October drawing series and Levi Levi’s return to the now.

The Secret is Murder – posting on Tumblr

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Yup, Levi Levi is on hiatus, but the Levi Levi mini comic ‘The Secret is Murder’ is posting on Tumblr RIGHT NOW.  What?  You say you’ve never heard/red/seen it before?  That’s ’cause it’s never been on the internets.  Only a few very special people with paper in their hands know The Secret is Murder!

Check out the first posting:  The first of my bonus Levi Levi story from… | ALL ABOUT LEVI LEVI.

floor plans

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Image (50)I am enamored of floor plans.  I don’t gaze wistfully or draw them all the time, but I have amassed a collection of imaginary houses and whenever we are planning a move one of the first things I do is draw a plan of the new place.

So I got to thinking, Why shouldn’t my characters have floor plans? That is, why not combine a couple of passions and flesh out the world I’m writing in/about.

This here is the first.  Levi Levi’s apartment and office.  He thought about staging his desk in the front room, but decided he didn’t really like when people sat across from him there.  He’s not the neatest person, but he doesn’t collect much stuff, so his place always looks spare.

All about Levi Levi

All about Levi Levi published on 2 Comments on All about Levi Levi


Hello lovely peoples!  I have made a tumblr for Levi Levi to gather all the character art, updates, and news in one place.  I will talk about chapter ideas that I have previously only hounded friends with in the speaking world.

I am also planning on an exclusive tumblr release of a bonus Levi Levi story that I did for mini comics day and that only 3 or 4 people in the world have seen (’cause it’s never been online).

We’re gonna test this out ya’ll.  Tell me what you think.

Hipster Levi Levi

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Dancing and dancing.  Maybe this was college.  I dunno.


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