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I declare 2014

I declare 2014 published on
darn! I knew something was wrong with the nostrils!

I declare 2014 the year of the platypus.  And I declare the platypus the coolest animal ever!  It is one of only two mammals to lay eggs.  It uses electrolocation, it is venomous, it has no stomach, and it is adorable.  See look:

Year of the snake

Year of the snake published on No Comments on Year of the snake

yearofthesnakeI’m a little late for ‘happy new year!’ but it is the year of the snake for 10 or so more months.

Oh, yeah, the whole story of original sin/human acquisitions of knowledge is fascinating to me.  Thus the apple.

Year of the dragon

Year of the dragon published on No Comments on Year of the dragon


Again, visually inspired to draw based on internetting.  It is still the year of the dragon after all.

Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon published on No Comments on Year of the Dragon

Happy Year of the Dragon!  I got all year to say it, so its ok that I’m late.  🙂

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