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010Living on a lake in Florida has turned me into a bird watcher.  I mean, the things are everywhere…on cars, in parking lots, crossing the road during heavy traffic.  I don’t need a lake, but having a lake means I get to see birds I wouldn’t normally.  Like this stork who weathered a downpour in our back yard.

So, fair warning, this is probably one of many backyard snaps to come.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend published on No Comments on My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

I’ve talked about how I like Daguerreotypes before, so of course My Daguerreotype Boyfriend would be much beloved by me if only to gaze at the marvel of historical science.  If you like looking at portraiture of people you don’t know, or you, like me, love a good gander at Daguerreotypes then you should also check out My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.

Rion Sabean Photography

Rion Sabean Photography published on No Comments on Rion Sabean Photography

Do you ever find yourself feeling like a complete dweeb because you didn’t know how awesome someone was until someone else told you?  Yeah, well, I don’t feel that way ’cause I’d seen Rion Sabean’s photography long before the article on jezebel.  But, I have to admit, the success and renown that Rion’s work is already receiving is really really impressive.

I wanted to do my part to talk him up as one of the coolest people I know.  You can see more of his work, and order the Men-Up! calendar on his site:

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