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Recipes – Dinner bucket

Recipes – Dinner bucket published on 5 Comments on Recipes – Dinner bucket

Yo.  As the resident cook of my household and a big old fan of not following directions I end up making a lot of things that have no recipe.  Well, they have to have a recipe to be made right, ’cause all a recipe is is ingredients you include within the thing that you are making.  They just never came from anywhere other than my brain putting together the things I saw in my fridge.

In an attempt to record the best liked things my brain came up with while perusing my fridge I will talk about them here.  First up – the Dinner Bucket.

Dinner Bucket

Description:  a muffin shaped pastry shell stuffed with stuff

You will need to fill a half dozen large muffin pan:  two tubes of pre-made crescent roll dough, six eggs, shredded cheese (or other cheesy stuff), veggies or meat to suit (best if meat pre cooked)

You will do:

  1. Unroll the crescent roll dough and smoosh the diagonal seems together (illustrated above), so that you end up with three rectangles per roll.
  2. Fit the rectangles into the hollows of the muffin tin so the longs ends flop out – you will fold these over later.
  3. I suppose you could turn on the oven now so it heats up to 350 – or you can do it later when you remember.
  4. Crack an egg into each dough lined muffin tin hollow.
  5. Put some cheese in.
  6. Put some other stuff in.
  7. Put some cheese in.
  8. Fold over the long ends of the dough and stick entire thing in oven.
  9. Bake about 30 minutes or until you’ve smelled each ingredient cooking or until top looks way too dark for crescent rolls but still not quite burnt yet (if you pull them out when they are a pretty golden brown the egg will not have cooked).

I have made these with corned beef hash, spinach and feta cheese, ground beef and collard greens, pork and broccoli (also best if pre cooked), and stuffing and spinach.  Dinner buckets are a great way to use up all your left overs.

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