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Changes round here

Changes round here published on No Comments on Changes round here

Idge001atinyIf you have clicked around on the site lately,  you may have noticed some changes, especially where the comics are concerned.  In an attempt to raise the profile of the comics, I have given them their own mini-sites within the LeEMSmachine.

This means, for you RSS feed reader readers, that the RSS feed you are currently subscribed to for the Bean will not show the comics.  I’ll post alerts here when there is a comic posting, and especially when a new comic story line is debuting…which will happen soon.  In the meantime, explore and have fun!

site breakage

site breakage published on No Comments on site breakage

I’m pretty sure that one of the last plug-in updates broke my image galleries. I don’t use them that much, but if you are perusing a post that has a big old blank spot in it, this is why. I am looking for the solution.

Site updates

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I may not have had enough completed artwork to do an end of year roundup at the New Year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have enough to update the website in May.

Oh hey, site updates

Oh hey, site updates published on No Comments on Oh hey, site updates

I almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I gave theLeEMSmachine a bit of a facelift.  A new, click-able, front page directs to some new landing pages for my biggest projects of the moment.  Levi Levi and No Evil both have character galleries that I will continue to fill out.


Announcing a return

Announcing a return published on No Comments on Announcing a return

Yo duders.  I know Levi Levi and I have been well nigh silent for a long time, but October approaches now and it is always my month of prolific posting.  This year will be no different.  Keep your eyes peeled for a special October drawing series and Levi Levi’s return to the now.

when pigs fly

when pigs fly published on No Comments on when pigs fly

pigsfly It feels like an eternity already since I properly posted anything, especially a Levi Levi update.  And sadly, I’m not ready to jump back in with two feet, yet, either.

I’ve hinted already, but we have bought our first house and it is currently sucking all our time and money away.  Even so, it’s terribly exciting.  Wrestling with thorny, overgrown bushes in the hot Florida summer sun doesn’t even make it less exciting.

Expect more and more posts on house and garden stuff inspired by my house and garden.  Eventually, I might even manage a before and after slide show.  Aren’t you excited?

All about Levi Levi

All about Levi Levi published on 2 Comments on All about Levi Levi


Hello lovely peoples!  I have made a tumblr for Levi Levi to gather all the character art, updates, and news in one place.  I will talk about chapter ideas that I have previously only hounded friends with in the speaking world.

I am also planning on an exclusive tumblr release of a bonus Levi Levi story that I did for mini comics day and that only 3 or 4 people in the world have seen (’cause it’s never been online).

We’re gonna test this out ya’ll.  Tell me what you think.


unicorn published on No Comments on unicorn

unicorn026So, a unicorn is a mythical single horned horse, or, if you are familiar with Gone in 60 Seconds, which I admit to seeing way too many times, a unicorn is that un-obtainable thing that you are always chasing after.

Right now, I feel as if my unicorn (re Gone in 60 Seconds) is feeling completely normal.  This is the entirety of my boo-hoo:  chicken pox as an adult sucks.

Okay, on to other updates:  I did not complete the NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 words in November, but I did get a start on what will be the most complex and character heavy novel I have ever thought up.  I have no reason not to finish it, so it will be finished.  Finishing it may even create a comprehensive character guide, ’cause I like them all so much.

I am working on new pages for Levi Levi and am looking forward to sending him to the past (not just in a flashback).  Apologies again for the long silence there.

And I am flexing my web design muscles on a business site, pro bono.  Do ya’ll know of any code/design widgetty thingy that creates forms based on a grid system and has awesome logic that will add/subtract fields based on previous choices?

24 hour comics day comic posting

24 hour comics day comic posting published on No Comments on 24 hour comics day comic posting

Hey, the 15 page comic I worked up on 24 Hour Comics Day will post here on the Bean on the 28th of October.  In the world of my head, people have their Halloween Parties on Monday.

web site updates

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I’ve been letting some of my more labor intensive artworks get lost in Bean history.  I’ve pulled out a selection of art that I want to make sure has a permanent home and I gave them it.  A permanent home that is, on  And I did a fancy uniform crop thumbnail arrangement.  Not ground breaking…but a first for me.  🙂

Guess what came in the mail yesterday

Guess what came in the mail yesterday published on No Comments on Guess what came in the mail yesterday


And guess what is now for sale on my shop?  Come on!  Do you need me to spell it out for you?  Levi Levi Chapter One:  The Long Assignment and the Wyvern School for Girls Yearbook 1978 are now available for purchase in the LeEMS store.


ridiculously tiny site update

ridiculously tiny site update published on No Comments on ridiculously tiny site update

greenbubbleEven thought it’s itty bitty, it tickles me.  Allow me to draw, for you, a picture:  I am adding a link to my homepage. While making the update, I am simply not satisfied with how it looks.  I want some type of line highlight to indicate a new item, but I don’t want to use a bullet list tag ’cause I don’t want the indent.  So I open up my handy dandy Corel Paint and make a teeny tiny, itty bitty dot.  I name him dot, and I load him up as an image.

Now let me explain why this is big for me.  I’ve worked on several web pages that have itty bitty image files to fancify their icons and type, but I’ve never done it before.  This is a fancy first.  I love my dot.  I do.

New covers

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New story/book covers have been added for “Peachtree” and Intervening Variable.  I’m working on Intervening Variable now in the hopes of finishing it once and for all.  Next on the list was my sci-fi 800 Square Miles.  Is it bad that I have already begun brainstorming for two new novels besides?

Now that moving is done, perhaps I can knock out some old writing in order to pull out something new for November NaNoWriMo.  How have I been doing at camp, you ask?  Horrible, so far.  I guess it was really too soon to jump into a month long creative commitment when I still had boxes and clean-out projects to tackle.

The printing order

The printing order published on No Comments on The printing order

MonsterGirlsprintpreview LL1printpreview

Are you excited?  Edited for printing pages of the Wyvern School for Girls 1978 Year book and Levi Levi (1) the Long Assignment are at the printers.  Levi Levi took a lot more work than I thought, and I have now permanently memorized the fonts:  Showcard Gothic, Pupcat, and Free Script.

I should be writing font selection down whenever I create a cover or look for a comic but I always forget.

Anyway!  once I get the volumes in the mail (Aug 19, if I didn’t mess up editing the pages), they will be available for purchase in my Etsy store (it’s so terribly empty right now; I’ll link the store on the main navigation once I stock it).

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