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Glow Little Glow Worm

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Mysterious monster goes by the name Windy

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Apartment and tenement dwellers in the Southeastern region of the United States have been harangued by a mysterious creature that haunts the outdoor stairwells of their buildings.  “My boy was coming home from school and saw this thing crouching under the stairs and looking at him through the steps; it was making some kind of whispering noise and scared my boy half to death.  He ran and got the security guard but by the time they got back to the stairwell, the thing had vanished,” attests Joann Collins of Indianola.  The Collins’s aren’t the only residents of Greenacres that have seen the creature.  Apartment manager, Rod Dylan, has a stack of resident complaints on his desk and has ordered extra security services to help the residents feel safe.

Dr. Everret Blakingson suspects that these stairwell sightings are directly related to other, equally mysterious, ‘fly-by’ incidents. “These two sets of sightings happen near each other and in the same spaces of time at every location where sightings of either sort are reported,” he says. The ‘fly-by’ sightings happen most often after rain when the sky is still partially shaded by dispersing clouds. Multiple people have seen a large winged figure pass quickly above. Many more people have been surprised when the shadow of a large winged creature flew over them. Windy2 Oddly enough, the ‘fly-by’ sightings are often associated with rainbows.

Al Johnson, one of a group of people in Live Oak who experienced a ‘fly-by’ sighting described the creature as terrifying with large bared teeth and flashing eyes.   “It looked like there was lightnin’ comin’ out of it’s eyes and it’s mouth was open in a crazy manic grimmace you know, like a crazy person, but it weren’t no person!” –Johnson.

The police of cities where the sightings have been most prevalent have either declined to comment or said that they are investigating civilian reports of danger.  Joel Hanson of the Hoover police suggests residents, “report strange persons if they see them and lock house and car doors if they feel unsafe, just as they should with any perceived threat.”

stuck in my head

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do you know the muffin man
the muffin man
the muffin man
do you know the muffin man
who lives on Drury lane?



hey, Wikipedia/Project Gutenberg has an illustration of said muffin man.


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Looking for something to do and like to make pretty sounds.  I was going through one of the many places I save things to, you know, files, bookmarks, email folders.  Everything in a different and slightly organized place so you may never remember it again.  I found Tonematrix.

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