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I’ve been looking for this

I’ve been looking for this published on No Comments on I’ve been looking for this

Years ago, I undertook the ransacking of my memory to create an exhaustive list of books I’ve read.  You might think that was crazy, one of my best friends did.  And I probably did fail to remember some of the stories I had read during my near thirty years of life (at the time).  But I used some tricks and did some searching and came up with something that was pretty complete.

Eventually, all I was left with were those books for which I could remember the cover or a few plot points, but could never find the right thing.  The Things I Did For Love is just such a book – THE final book plot and cover details that haunted my memory and would not allow me to simply write off that I could not write it down in my Great Read It list.

Thanks to CLIQUEY PIZZA 2: more 80’s teen book series & pop culture, I now know what the title of this dang book is, and the author, and I can put it on my Read It list for good.  In fact, once I read the Cliquey Pizza coverage on The Things I Did For Love, I automatically went out and re-purchased a copy that I intend to re-read just because it has been a massive thorn in my list for so long!  …and because I’m not quite done reliving the cheesy teen romances that I used to love.

Thank you Cliquey Pizza for saving my list!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Chronicles of Plastic Deer | Swoon Reads

Chronicles of Plastic Deer | Swoon Reads published on No Comments on Chronicles of Plastic Deer | Swoon Reads


My homage to the teen romances of my youth, Chronicles of Plastic Deer, is now on Swoon Reads.  Swoon Reads is new publisher site to harvest crowd rating and feedback on a book in order to determine whether or not it should be published.  So…kind of like a publisher’s own fiction board.

It solves two problems of mine:  not know where to put the full text of my book and getting involved in a community of like minded creators (which I’ve been told I need to do).

National Novel Writing Month Done!

National Novel Writing Month Done! published on 1 Comment on National Novel Writing Month Done!

I did it, after two years of enough obstacles and sabotage to ruin my chances of winning–I have triumphed ONCE AGAIN!  That is, finally again after the first time in 2008.  I have completed a brand new novel of over 50,000 words in the month of November.  And what’s better–it’s not even another un-finished project.  It’s over, it’s done!  So, it’s really like a novella, but that’s ok because those cheesy 80s teen romances didn’t pack in a lot of verbiage anyway, and that’s what I was writing for.

It needs editing, granted, but man, I am so relieved that I could actually get to the end of something I put my nose to just for me.  I will rest well.  I will feel better and I will go on a date tomorrow.  And it’s good that this here particular challenge is done because I’m running out of the pages I drew up in my comics to stock this month.  Time to get back to the old stories.

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