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I did a comic…before I was posting them through the fancy comic posting plug in for WordPress, and it was called Unlikely Bedfellows.  This is Ono, from Unlikely Bedfellows.  If she’s good, she’ll get another chapter.

drawing characters

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Jack&Will001 Crisco004

I’m starting to get reacquainted with some characters.  While considering the finished chapters I already have I went back through Unlikely Bedfellows.  It has not suffered from being drawn a couple years ago (not like the very beginning of Levi Levi which I find very clunky and awkward looking).  But, the pic on the left isn’t the final incarnation of Will and Jack from UB.

Aaaand…color makes me happier with this sketch of Crisco.

Sin from Unlikely Bedfellows

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About the comics

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Hey, hello, hi.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to remember that I have comics and that three four of them are actually ongoing at the moment.  You can catch them all at the comic launch–including the one or two that are in conception stages.  Levi Levi is my forever going to be ongoing comic until I stop comic, and I have some some big plans for Flip Side and No Evil.  They all have feeds over in the right hand menu, too, if you’re into feeds and stuff.  I know I am.  I’ve got a truck load of comic feeds going to my reader, and sometime soon I’ll talk about all the webcomic goodness I have found out there that other talented, better comickers are doing.  Right now it’s about me.  ALL ABOUT ME!  Comics:

Comic updates

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 Alright, so this blog has become very different than what it started out being.  I used to have time to consume as much creative things as I created, and so I originally used this space to talk about the awesome things I had found out.  But now, I don’t–though I seem to be creating more.  Drawing ‘s like therapy you know.

Anyway, I found these four already drawn pages of Levi Levi hiding out in a little sketch book while I was cleaning and luckily, they fit in with the story I had been drawing besides.

Oh, and the action comic that I called action comic because I didn’t have a name for it now has a name:  Unlikely Bedfellows.  Yes, it has a name, and many many pages that are drawn and inked.  I do not yet know how I am going to share them.


Looky Looky

Looky Looky published on 2 Comments on Looky Looky

Ok, so I didn’t manage to get anywhere close to my goals for NaNoWriMo and then I just vanished off the face of the internets for a little while.  I’ve been a little busy, what can I say.  But of all the creative things that I should have been doing, one thing I have kept up with is drawing.  I’ve been drawing lots and lots and lots of pictures.  Mostly comics.  I’ve got six?–yeah, I think six, comics going right now.  See those people in the picture–they’re from my action comic–so named because I haven’t thought of a name for it.  I was inspired to draw this story when I dreamed about the lady with a bunch of eyes shooting me in the head.

I am considering putting this up on the site page by page like Levi Levi, but perhaps I need to be better about making actual updates before I do that… Oh, there’s a new Levi Levi page up today too.

Once I stall on my six comics I will most likely kick myself in the butt and write on one of my five stories.  Or I could even get back to writing here more often too.  Maybe I should just write my stories here…

K, bye.

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