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Talking about mermaids

Talking about mermaids published on No Comments on Talking about mermaids

mermaid017I’ve been looking through a lot of my Spectrum books (and I have a lot of Spectrum books) so I have been drawing a lot of mermaids (they are chock full).  And then, I happened upon a movie in Netflix instant that sounded kind of cool.  Mad About Men is a strange and quirky British comedy follow up to Miranda (also a comedy).  Both movies star Glynis Johns as a mermaid.  I watched them out of order, but it didn’t effect my enjoyment of them.

The strangest, and most delightful, in my opinion, part of the Miranda movies is that the mermaid doesn’t magically sprout legs on land and blend into the human scenery.  Quite the opposite, not only must she soak her tail every night, but she travels around during the day in a wheel chair and gowns long enough to cover everything.  Her lack of mobility doesn’t affect her simultaneous seductions of multiple men, however.

And, true to so many movies I’ve seen from the 40s and 50s, no outrageous betrayal will keep all of the characters from living happily ever after together…wait–what?  (see Miss Annie Rooney)

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