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The long and treacherous path

The long and treacherous path published on 2 Comments on The long and treacherous path

Unlikely BedfellowsAlright, HELLO! once again.  I am happy to be back, though truthfully, the Bean was the least affected of all my web site woes.  Moving around took a little more finagling than I had anticipated, but I’ve learned a whole lot of new things.  Right now I am happy to wave buh-bye to third party domain retailers, wonky web elements in IE, and my lousy ‘check back soon’ home page.  Yay!

Of all the things I’ve run into that have astounded me, there is one that I cannot find anyone talking about online–complaints or fixes.  Maybe I’m just searching it wrong.  But here goes–I have a fancy SLR digital camera that I love to bitsies.  Harvesting off of this loverly camera results in a bunch of .JPG files–note JPG not jpg.  What’s the difference, you ask; why should this matter?  The answer is somewhere I’m sure, but I haven’t found it.  The problem is a whole bunch of html, java, and whatnot don’t read one the same as the other, and it’s damned aggravating.

That’s enough of that, what’s really important is that I have a NEW WEBSITE, at the old hangout.  And on this NEW WEBSITE are NEW LEVI LEVI pages and an entirely NEW and COMPLETE comic (part 1 anyway) called Unlikely Bedfellows.  There’s a whole bunch of other stuff too.  I’m so proud!


You should be able to import your photos into Photoshop (or your desired software) and re-save them (not overwriting the original) as a new file format, which in this case would be .jpg. I would also recommend resizing if you haven’t already, unless you’re sure that wherever you are uploading it will be able to handle such large files.

Hope that helped! Loving the website!

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