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The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics

The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics published on No Comments on The Webcomic List or where to find webcomics

I ran into this a while ago, when I was searching for webcomics and webcomic social areas online.  I must admit, at the time I did not give it the attention it deserved.

The Webcomic List is an index of webcomics, but its more than that.  It automatically scrapes the web for updates on all the comics people have added to the index.  And, the best part…which I really didn’t know until I returned to it just recently…if you create an account and mark some favorites it will recommend more comics for you.  See:

recommendThis is especially important if, like me, you find yourself kickin around the interweb looking for something new to gawk at.

But lets not fool ourselves by thinking that the Webcomic list is the only such engine out there.

Belfry webcomics index   isn’t just a list and recommendation machine, it is also a forum and has an area where members can share reviews of comics.

Komix! also indexes webcomics and provides a way for users to bookmark their place in each comic they are reading.

Comic Rocket also offers bookmarking by importing the entire site of a webcomic within a frame that keeps track of the last page read and any pages the reader has saved.

And let us not forget webcomic hosting sites like smackjeeves, where webcomickers without sites of their own, or perhaps to tap into the community, can post.  Webcomic hosting platforms often come with a rating mechanism, track most popular comics, and include forums for discussion.  I mention only one here; be aware, there are many.  So go forth and read comics.

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