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unicorn026So, a unicorn is a mythical single horned horse, or, if you are familiar with Gone in 60 Seconds, which I admit to seeing way too many times, a unicorn is that un-obtainable thing that you are always chasing after.

Right now, I feel as if my unicorn (re Gone in 60 Seconds) is feeling completely normal.  This is the entirety of my boo-hoo:  chicken pox as an adult sucks.

Okay, on to other updates:  I did not complete the NaNoWriMo challenge of 50,000 words in November, but I did get a start on what will be the most complex and character heavy novel I have ever thought up.  I have no reason not to finish it, so it will be finished.  Finishing it may even create a comprehensive character guide, ’cause I like them all so much.

I am working on new pages for Levi Levi and am looking forward to sending him to the past (not just in a flashback).  Apologies again for the long silence there.

And I am flexing my web design muscles on a business site, pro bono.  Do ya’ll know of any code/design widgetty thingy that creates forms based on a grid system and has awesome logic that will add/subtract fields based on previous choices?

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