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WhoAreYouThe move is moved.  That is, all of our stuff is now at its new location and some of it is even unpacked.  Most of it maybe – can I say most of it?  I have been alternately hopeful for the final product and overwhelmed by stuff. Liberal applications of Murder She Wrote barely take the sting away.

Even after my initial realization:  When what you love gets lost in what you have, I am still stripping away layers.  It will be awesome when it is done.  I promise.

Finishing off the apartment will have to be on hold while I get my librarian on at ALA this weekend.

This picture accidentally looks like a friend of mine.

Murder She Wrote is the continuous background entertainment of choice for packing and unpacking.  And now I may be getting addicted.  It’s a TV actor surprise around every corner!

This is now officially rambling.

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