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It is Summer in full blast here, but before Spring let go – not long ago- I was running out in advance of the lawn-mower every weekend to collect the wildflowers that kept popping up in the middle of the back yard.  This is one day’s harvest; and they lasted longer than I expected them to.

I’m all about identification, so I looked them all up.  I had been calling the blue ones irises, but really they are Common Spiderwort.  The pink, trumpet shaped flowers would spring up within a day or two of a fresh mow and wave about a foot above the grass.  They are Rain Lily, and are, apparently, attached to bulbs that will sprout new flowers every year.  They also spread by seed.  Next year I think I am going to grow our rain lily patch.  The tiny pink flowers,  Meadow Beauty, are still going strong on the water’s edge along with some other crazy grasses that grow in ground too wet to mow over.

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