I am not sporty, but I like to keep active, so I am constantly coming up with things to do while sitting on my bum, the foremost of which is drawing. I am drawing all the time. I am sorry to everyone who comes to hang out for movie night thinking I'm going to pay attention to them. It's not that I don't, I'm just drawing.


"Peachtree"    online
"Little River Love Story"    online
Chronicles of Plastic Dear:    Online at
800 Square Miles:   in process w/ excerpt
Penelope Sea and Ocean End:   Weekly chapters on the Bean.
Intervening Variable:   in process

BEAN:  n. 1. an edible, smooth, kidney-shaped seed of certain plants of the legume or pea family. 2. a pod with such seeds. 3. a plant bearing such pods. 4. the bean-shaped seed of some other plants 5. Slang a person's head; brain; mind.

LeEMS BEAN, blog for the LeEMSmachine containing observations, ramblings, interests and drawing. A lot of drawing.


One day I will knit a sweater. Perhaps all of the stuff I've made up until now has been to avoid making a sweater. I find it daunting, but not as daunting as socks. What I have now is a very large collection of scarves, just like every other knitter. I also have jewelry of various types and crocheted stuffed animals.